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supreme court justice, sotomayor. >>> also, hannah montana's dad, billy ray cyrus, dropping by. >> you know how good that chocolate cake was? look at my birthday. mark traub right here, stage manager. finishing off the cake. >> that was good. really good. >>> let's gin side. natalie's standing by with a look at the headlines. >>> good morning. the white house says it deeply regrets scott lan's decision today to free the only person convicted for the 1988 bombing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie. former libyan agent abdel baset al megrahi was serving a life sentence for the terror that claimed 270 lives. he now has terminal prostate cancer and was released on compassionate grounds. his release announced this morning by scotland's justice secretary. >>> scattered violence in afghanistan today where voters are choosing their next president. at least a dozen taliban rockets have fallen near polling places. the election is seen as a crucial test of u.s. efforts to stabilize the country. >>> police have called off the ground search for kristi cornwell, the georgia mother missing for more
virginia, montana avenues. authorities head there. trip to the wilson bridge looking good so far. back to you. >> thank you, jerry. >> thanks. >> amtrak hopes to entice you to ride the rails. they're offering discount fares through december. prices for one-way tickets in the northeast are slashed by 25%. that means y can get away to philly, new york or boston for as little as 66 bucks round trip. amtrak says so far the promotion has been a success. that's why they're extending it. >> plus, news for your health this morning. is it the facial fountain of youth? technology that promises to get rid of wrinkles naturally. the secret ingredient, the procedure uses a patient's own blood. the procedure is called cell fill. here's how it works. doctors draw some blood, then use a patented process to turn it into a special product. hmm. wonder what that is. that product is then injected into the treatment area. it's billed as the next t best thing to a face lift with no side effects. i guess no stitches. >> over the course of eight weeks, develop new collagen and growth of blood vessels and real
in the senate with both parties. the president, again, met with senator bachus on friday in montana and they discussed the progress that was being made among democrats and republicans on the finance committee. that's our focus. >> as we've mentioned on this news hour before the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. speaking of which, fresh town hall insanity. that one health care giant is no longer even bothering to pretend he is astroturf. united health group now directly urging its employees to attendanty reform rallies, mass mailing a letter, and setting up a hotline to direct its own callers, its own people to local events. quoting from the letter, it is critical we as leaders in the health care industry are communicating with our members of congress to ensure that they understand our story and views. isn't that what lobbyists and truck loads worth of campaign donations and bribes are for? outside a town hall event in bozeman, montana democrat max bachus shouted down with chants of no, no, no and getting a little
on friday in montana. they discussed the progress that was being made among democrats and republicans in the finance committee. that is our focus. greta: the making republican member of the gang of six is working for a deal on the health-care bill in the senate. the white house has criticism by one senator as a sign that there is little hope of reaching a bipartisan deal. is that true? the senator joins us live. good evening. is there more hope of a bipartisan deal? >> i have not given up yet. i have not said anything new since we adjourned for the summer break that i have been saying for the last three months. for the white house to draw any conclusions other than what i told the president to his face, ascetic couple of things that were very important. -- i said a couple of things that were very important. it would help to get by partisanship if he would make a statement that he would sign a bill that did not have a public option for a government-run health plan. the second one was in response to a question he asked me about what i'd be go along with the democrats on the issue, i ans
will believe that unless and until we're told that is not the case. >> montana democrat max baucus is leading the senate finance committee negotiations which will continue tomorrow, but if those talks bake down, senate democratic leader say they will go it alone and thwart any g.o.p. mill buster with a maneuver that would allow them to vote with a 51% majority. a quinnipiack poll taken before the intense national town hall debates over healthcare underscored the risks of bipartisanship and 59% said they disagreed with a democratic-only healthcare solution, including 53% of democrats an 63% of independents. fox caught up in eye with with charles grassley. >> i wish the white house would take a deep breath and pause. we're talking about healthcare. that's life or death, affecting every american. we're talking about 1/6 of the economy. it ought to be broad based. it shouldn't be partisan. >> another g.o.p. negotiator, mike enzy of wyoming, lasted the so-called public option for healthcare reform, one that the g.o.p. embraces an liberals covet. monopolies never improve efficiency, and a governmen
but in stark contrast with the bear from montana, the latest baird did not get to play on a trampoline. -- the latest bear did not get to play on a trampoline. a teenager stole a classic car. he is trying to lose police by driving through open fields and parking lots. essentially he pulled into a private driveway and slammed into a police car. he includes a long list of charges including assaulting a police officer. ladies and gentlemen, come on down. the wildly popular clash for clunkers program coming to an end monday night. police say the figures and teeth were removed from a model found murdered in california. dresden has been charged in the murder. on thi-- her husband has been charged in the murder. on this day, movies were ordered to stop using searchlights during movie openings. the bright beams would have made los angeles an easy target for enemy bombing raids. with pearl harbor on the mind of every american, the danger
inbound new york avenue at west virginia, montana stay to the left to get through. no accidents to report at the wilson bridge. we are in great shape off of both the inner and outer loop of the beltway. you will find great traffic volume as you travel northbound on 95 leaving springfield headed up to the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. > lling ow following presidential elects happening in afghanistan today. 60,000 u.s. force are on the ground there now. >> the taliban is impacting turnout alrey oday. there have been rocket attacks, gun fights and bombings across the country. militant attacks closed 14 polling sites and in one southern province, a ocket hit near a line of voters killing a child. >>> hamid karzai's biggest challenger has more support in the north but karzai is still expected to win the election. keep it mere on fox 5. in our 7:00 hour, we'll talk more about what the elects mean for our country when we sit down with a former ambassador to afghanistan. >>> another developing story, a decision in the case of the lockerbie bomber. fox news is rep
this cold front, 64 degrees in billings, montana. we will cool down a little bit at the end of the week. until then we will be dealing with the steamy, muggy air mass and the chance and potential for thunderstorms to fire up. right around 7:00, there's the future scan model, a shower of storms stemming from new jersey, pennsylvania, and maryland and virginia. just the potential is there throughout the daytime for today and then a better chance for actually widespread rainshowers will come tomorrow as the cold front does inch closer. around 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning on friday, look at the line of shower and storms ahead of the cold front in pennsylvania. another round could move in here by friday right around 2:00. once the cold front pushes through on late friday into early saturday, there's the air mass. high pressure system is going to bblebuild for sunday and mondayd nice and pleasant conditions. >>> let's take you to the tropics and talk about hurricane bill. it has weakened a little bit. it's category iii with massive winds at 127 miles an hour. but still look at the system. it's
are they going to pay for this? there's the guy out there in montana last week who said, you think you're going to get money from here and there and save it here, aren't you going to have to tax people and raise taxes? i don't think that question's been dealt with well enough. >> it's so complicated. complicated for us to understand, certainly complicated for people who are being, frankly, misinformed, and reading a lot of stuff out there who are trying to scare people. >> and there's the element of passion. i have talked to allies of the white house who have said, pointedly, the president has not done enough to lobby individual senators hard enough on this thing. it's very difficult. what is it that the president is for? what is he fighting for here? he may have bullet points, he may have principles, but in order for those democrats out there who have cast a vote, if they're on the house side, or who will prepare to do that on the senate side, what is it that they're actually voting for? and the president is trying to walk this line between dictating what's going on in it and what he wants and
. sometimes it's hard to keep up with all of the computer lingo. >> fair enough. >> like this -- montana senator matt baucus, in whose conservativem bipartisan blue care hands the health care reform rests faced noisy protesters at a conference last week. senator baucus told "the new york times" -- there were a couple of people in the crowd with youtube -- yeah -- youtubes plural. hang on, i'm having a flashback. >> hang on, i hear there's rumors on the internets. >> one of the things i used tonight googles is to pull up maps. >> and who can forget alaska ted stevens' description of the internet? >> the internet is not something that you have done something on. it's a series of trucks. it's a series of tubes. >> when it comes to talking about the digital world, some of our politicians seemed to have their heads up their analog. let's see if i can help. first, it's not youtubes, it's just youtube. there's just the one. it's like the plural of moose, which is moose, not moos. same with internet. there are no internets. just like there are no sheeps. also, youtube is a video sharing site. no
by hoover. host: and who were the important players in the legislature? guest: a senator from montana, a democrat, progressive named burton wheller. he had been a new dealer straight down the line, the first of new york to back franklin roosevelt for the presidency in 1931. he had impeccable new deal credentials. he ran on the progressive party ticket in 1924. he was as reliable of a new dealer as there was in the senate. he was much offended by the grab for power by the president. he thought the president had an attempt to imbalance the government in and of the ways, so he led the opposition. host: what was the reaction of the white house when this very important supporter, this center would break from them on the issue? guest: there were quite disgusted. they tried to get him to meet with the president and he said no, save the meal for someone who is possible to persuade. host: one of the things from the book -- the majority leader of the u.s. senate the eyes of a heart attack. guest: he dies and the building is still standing. he was a powerful an interesting majority leader, josep
with people of the finance committee. as i said during friday in mantegna and others, -- in montana and others, our preference is to work through this process and hopefully come out with a bill that has agreement among both parties in the committee. >> are you expecting any republican votes on this bill in the senate or in the house? >> i think there are many that would like to see some health care reform. i trust that the three republicans that working in the senate finance committee are doing so in good faith. i have no reason to believe that they are not. >> how is it a you can achieve a bipartisan bill when it seems you are having trouble achieving a partisan bill, between the blue dogs and the progressives in the house? >> there are blue dogs on the energy and commerce committee that voted out a bill on the house side before we left for recess. this notion that it is impossible even to get an agreement on our side with what a health care plan looks leg belies the notion that this is legislation that went through three committees on the house side. the notion that we cannot get something d
in montana. it was the beginning. we all know about that now. host: your enthusiasm is bubbling over and we can tell you had a lot of fun with this story. here is the book -- "fdr v. the constitution: the court-packing fight and the triumph of democracy." thanks to him for being with us, and for you for watching. have a great rest of the day. . . >> the impact of slowing medicare spending on its seniors. c-span2 is showing it live. president obama is talking to various groups about health care today. he will be a guest on a radio program this afternoon. we will have live coverage here on c-span as the show broadcast from washington d.c. the president is expected for 1:10 p.m. eastern. >> as the health care conversation continues, c-span's healthcare hub is a key resource. follow the latest tweets and l inks. keep up-to-date with town hall meetings and even upload your opinion about health care with a citizen video. the health care hub at c- span.org. >>gene taylor hosts a town hall meeting to talk about veterans' issues and hurricane katrina. lawmakers are holding a similar meetings this mo
: tomorrow that will be billy ray cyrus. brian: really? steve: hannah montana's dad is going to be on the program. meanwhile, a headline that says "firms with obama ties profit from the health push." it talks about how the health care overhaul is a financial windfall to a couple of democrat consulting firms closely connected to the president and a couple of his top advisors. $24 million worth of ads are being bought and put on tv. the two firms hired, one is gmmb which worked for barack obama during the 2008 campaign, and also akpd. the a stands for axelrod started by david axelrod. of course, he has separated himself from the company. but there are some who are going, now, wait a minute, this seems a little too cozy. the white house denies that mr. axlerod is making any money from it. gretchen: they do still owe him # million from the stock sale. they're going to be making those payments over the next couple of years. but interestingly enough, at that firm that he created, his son still works there. and no surprise that the two top advisors to obama, these are their former j
today. the topic, health care reform. max baucus of montana said it is on track to reach an agreement. chuck grassley isn't so sure. he doesn't see the kind of broad-based support that that bill will need. >>> ailing senator ted kennedy has sent a leader to ask quickly to allow them to change a law to quickly replace him in the senate. this comes amid growing concern with kennedy's batual brain cancer. ted kennedy wants the governor, duval patrick, to appoint someone to the seat when he dies. current state law requires a special election within five months of a vacancy. >>> the national hurricane center has downgraded hurricane bill to a category 3 storm. it is still quite a potent storm. it is still very dangerous. chad myers is in the cnn weather center with more on bill's current track and what it could mean to people living along the eastern seaboard, specifically new england, right? >> new england probably some wind and waves. i'm telling you all the way to new england, the waves this weekend are going to be dangerous. they're going to be deadly, chuck. literally. the waves under
world where doctors and patients make decisions, absolutely. he said it sitting in air hangar in montana. >> is a private practice your government bureaucracy? >> we don't want the government making health care decisions for doctors and individuals. the president does not believe health insurance companies should make those determinations either. when they decide that you are too sick or when they decide -- i am sure you could go on the air and get 100 yours to call in who have dealt with their insurance company and found that they have had to go through extra paper work because originally a tree and was denied or some extra hurdle was put in place that they had to jump over in order to receive the treatment that they deserved. that should not happen. what in the world is that? those decisions should not be made by someone sitting in the cuban government or someone sitting in a cubicle in an insurance company. >> the president says is not -- >> we will take you live to the democratic national committee headquarters where president barack obama will talk with party activists on health car
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)

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